Ayiiia Elizarraras

Ayiiia is the realworldcasting.com winner, who was awarded a spot on the show due to her loyal and supportive friends who worked with her to win the competition. Ayiiia may be of Mexican heritage, but she's not taken a long journey to Mexico. She is not one to hold back. Sometimes it's through her rage that she makes her adversaries. She discovers quickly that being a roommate in The Real World House is much more challenging than she anticipated. Ayiiia has had a history of drug abuse and cutting. She is now a party-goer who has changed. Ayiiia may be loyal and nonjudgmental to those she loves, but don't fall into her trap. She will always hold grudges. Ayiiia was in a affair with a woman. She was searching for a home located in San Diego before the reunion. In the course of the reunion, it was disclosed that she and Jonna weren't close due to conflicts they experienced with each other during the filming.

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