Anna Koshmal

Anna Koshmal was born in Kyiv Ukraine on October 22 1994. She has 27 years of age. She is 27 years old. Anna Koshmal comes from Ukrainian heritage, and is a follower of the Christian religion. Anna Koshmal is worth an estimated $2 million. Her income comes from performing in various movies as well as television shows. Anna said she also models for several magazines. Anna Koshmal aspired to be an artist as early as she was just six. However, she was unsure of what she was going to pursue in her career. When she was young, she attended many art classes. Anna took classes in vocals as well as modern dance. Anna is a talented artist. Komal has spoken about her ability to paint in many interviews. After two months of taking classes, her parents ordered Komal into Republic Kids drama school. After completing her theatre drama studies she was able to learn more about acting and theatre plays as a result of studying. After that, she attended at the Faculty of Music and Management and where L. I. Utyosov taught her pop vocals. As a result she was spotted in a film's casting team after graduating from the Faculty of Music. Check out the story! Anna Koshmal began working with Kvartal 95 Studio at the age of 17. While she was studying in Republic Kids she was approached. Her talent as an actor was recognized by the agent of the studio. The casting agent called her but she did not know what character was being to be auditioned for. She didn't do anything but perform songs that she'd learned and do a little acting in front of agents. Her agency approved her almost quickly. She made her acting debut in Match Makers, a TV comedy program.

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