Andrea Espada

The son of her daughter is popular on social media as Ferran the Fashion King. Her husband Ali is well-known via social media as 4kpapi. Milan, their son was born on June 20 in 2020. Ali and her were married in Nov 2021. In August 2022 she announced they were expecting a daughter. Angel Blu Amal Saleh, the baby girl, was born in their home on the 20th of January 20, 2023. Andrea Espada, known for Shrinking Violet City of Dead Men (2009) and Jack the Reaper (2014). Ferran Espada (also also known as Ferran the fashion king) was the son of Andrea and Ferran in Colombia in July 26th 2010. In fact, Ferran Espada came to America U.S. at age three with his mother Andrea Espada. Andrea was raised and born in Colombia prior to moving to Mexico as well as the U.S. to pursue her entertainment career with her parents. When she began her career she went by Selena Spice, then Andrea Rincon. The model was an official model for more than 10 years. Andrea Espada is a is a Colombian television host who is the host of her own UFC Now show on a every day basis. San Francisco de los Tejas was established by the state of Texas in 1690. It was located close to Weches. The mission was established in 1731. was transferred in the San Antonio River area and changed its name to Mission San Francisco de la Espada. The church and friary were finished in 1756. Ferran and his family are Catholics and pray to the Virgin Mary. In an August, 2018, Instagram post he appears in the Cathedral where a flower gift was being made. Its caption says: I'm very happy to have the chance to see Notre Dame of the Forsaken by presenting a floral gift. This is the ROYALTY Gaming Youtube Channel is here to greet to you. Ali and Ferran are currently playing Minecraft Roblox Fortnite & more. Andrea Rose Russett is a Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube persona. Andrea King was born Georgette Andre Barry on the 1st of February 1919 at Paris, France. She was the daughter of her American mother Lovinia and she, at 2 months old left France for America. United States.

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