Kristen Welker

She began acting in the age group of 13. The actress made her debut in the year 1997, at age 13. In 1997, after taking classes in the field and working as a back-up actor in Canadian programs like Road to Avonlea, Harriet the Spy and Goosebumps, she was given a speaking part in the Canadian horror program Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and Goosebumps. The shows were both aired by YTV. The show was followed by commercials as well as guest starring roles as in Mutant X, Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story, Goosebumps, Twice in a Lifetime, Doc, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Troubled Waters, The Dresden Files, as well as a couple of Disney Channel original movies (Mom's got a Date with a Vampire and Alley Cats Strike), at age 19, while going to York University in the faculties of Psychology and English. Vandervoort was offered the lead role of Sadie Harrison in the CTV Teen drama Instant Star that ran for four seasons. Vandervoort's debut film, The Lookout, was released in the year 2006. It starred Jeff Daniels along with Matthew Goode and Isla Fischer. Vandervoort's career in television began with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She then landed the role as Clark Kent's Kryptonian Cousin "Kara Kent", (the woman who became Supergirl), in The CW serial-drama Smallville. It was her first regular in season seven, and appeared on"Bloodline," season eight's "Bloodline" episode in season eight. The actress returned to Smallville for two additional episodes during the final season, which was also her tenth. In the aftermath of The CW, Vandervoort shot the sequel of the film Into the Blue titled Into the Blue 2 : The Reef. 3] Then she filmed an independent production titled The Jazzman, which also featured Canadian star Michael Ironside (who appeared in the second V miniseries as well as the 1984 V regular series) and Corey Sevier Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen


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